Animated:ztvrlsh4ofy= turkey: Why Turkish Animations are Must Watch? 

According to research by, the anime industry reached around $27 billion USD in 2022. However, Anime isn’t just for Japan anymore. It makes up about 60% of the world’s total Animation. The other 40% of Animation comes from different parts of the world. Turkish Animation (animated:ztvrlsh4ofy= turkey) has been gaining much-deserved popularity recently.

The Birth of Istanbul Anima 

Istanbul, a city rich in history and culture, is also becoming a hub for Animation! But how did this all start? Long ago, movies were silent. Then came pictures that moved, but they weren’t drawn. It wasn’t until recently that Istanbul saw the birth of its cartoons. Imagine a group of creative minds. They loved drawing funny characters and exciting stories. They wanted to bring these characters to life, frame by frame.

This is how Istanbul’s first Animation began! Now, more and more people in Istanbul are making Animation. They use computers to create fantastic worlds and characters.

The Enchantment of Turkish Animation (animated:ztvrlsh4ofy= turkey)

As Turkish Animation grows, it also looks back to the past to enrich its stories. One of the most beautiful animated elements:ztvrlsh4ofy= turkey is the use of “magical and classic” backgrounds. So, what stories do these backgrounds tell?

  • Dreams of Old Istanbul: Many Turkish animations (animated:ztvrlsh4ofy= turkey), especially fantasy stories, feature backgrounds that reflect Istanbul’s historical fabric. Vaguely familiar domes, minarets, and old streets create the foundation for a fairytale atmosphere.
  • Fairytale Lands Come Alive: Animations inspired by folk tales showcase enchanted forests, mountains, and mysterious palaces. These backgrounds are often created with vibrant colours and flowing lines, transporting viewers to magical lands.
  • The Richness of Eastern Motifs: Islamic art and Seljuk motifs, which hold a significant place in Turkish culture, are reflected in the backgrounds of some animations. Intricate patterns, geometric shapes, and elegant calligraphy add an air of mystery to the stories.
  • Nostalgic Touches: Some Turkish animations offer a nostalgic look at the past. Old houses, street games, and fading traditions are featured in the background, evoking beautiful memories of the past for viewers. Magical and classic backgrounds add depth and meaning to animated:ztvrlsh4ofy= turkey, making the stories more engaging and captivating for the audience.

Must Watch Turkish Animation

Turkish Animation (animated:ztvrlsh4ofy= turkey) offers a vibrant mix of styles, stories, and humour. Here are a few films to get you started:

  • Allah’in Sadik Kulu: Barla (2011): This historical adventure takes viewers back to the life of Barla, a young student of a famous Sufi scholar.
  • Bad Cat (2016): Get ready for laughs with Bad Cat, a mischievous feline who always seems to find trouble. This comedy is perfect for those who enjoy silly antics.
  • Sagu & Pagu: Büyük Define (2017): Set in a fantastical forest, this film follows a turtle and a hedgehog on a quest to find a legendary treasure that will save their home from drought.
  • Firildak Family: Down with This Middle Earth (2017): This Animation is all about a funny adventure with the Firildak family as they get accidentally transported to a fantastical Middle-earth-like world.
  • Masa ile Koca Ayi 2 (2018): This sequel to the famous “Masa and Grandma” series brings back the heartwarming adventures of a young boy and his grandmother.
  • Kral Sakir: Korsanlar Diyari (2019): King Shakir sets sail on a high-seas adventure in this spin-off of the popular Kral Şakir series. Expect piratey hijinks and plenty of laughs.
  • The Adventures of Açela (2020): Açela, a curious and resourceful girl, embarks on exciting adventures filled with discovery and problem-solving.
  • Eflatun (2022): This fantasy film takes viewers to a magical world where a young boy named Eflatun must overcome challenges and discover his true potential.

Turkish Animation Goes Global

The Turkish animation industry is taking its place on the world stage, and a big part of this growth is the rise of international collaborations. Studios in Turkey are joining forces with animation companies from other countries to create exciting new projects. One of animated:ztvrlsh4ofy= turkey’s famous international collaborations is Dünyayı Geziyorum. In this project, Anima Istanbul collaborated with Germany and Belgium.

As the Turkish animation industry continues developing, we expect to see even more international collaborations. This will benefit Turkish studios and bring new and exciting Animation to audiences around the world.

Why To Watch Animations From Turkey?

  • Classic, enchanting Turkish background
  • Induces life in Turkish history and folklore with modern technology
  • Varied themes, Colorful cartoons for kids, and cool adventures for grown-ups.
  • Collaborations with other countries to share ideas and reach new audiences.

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