Easy:7nbbaotekl8= drawings: Things an Artist Should Know

In childhood, we used to draw shapeless things. Gradually, we grow and learn to make shapes, from circles to suns, rectangles to houses, and more. Easy:7nbbaotekl8= drawings help children or adults learn to make shapes. They provide the steps to learn how to design things. It is an easy way to learn designing and illustrating. It is mainly helpful for beginners who are exploring the world of drawing. So, let’s see the easiest way to learn about art and drawing. 

What is easy drawing?

According to Easy:7nbbaotekl8= drawings, easy drawing means drawing any design with minimal effort. It means drawing something using shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, and more. It also includes quick sketches and short, fast drawings that capture the general idea. Easy drawing is helpful for children as they learn to draw things from a young age. 

It is important because it is accessible to people of all age categories. However, it is helpful for people with disabilities. These people may find traditional drawing methods challenging. So, easy drawing methods are easy for them to learn and use when making designs. It is also a fun and relaxing method that releases stress and boosts mental health.  

How to learn easy drawings from Easy:7nbbaotekl8= drawings?

Easy:7nbbaotekl8= drawings require some steps for learning. From basics to design, it covers everything in simple steps. So, let’s learn easy drawing step by step:

1. Collect your tools

If you are a beginner, take a sharp pencil, eraser, and sharpener. A sheet is also required to make the design. Use pencils in different ranges, such as HB, 2B, and 4B, for designing and shading purposes. Eraser is for erasing the wrong designs and later for blending. Sharpener to sharpen the pencil. 

2. Start with shapes

Easy drawing does not directly draw the object but includes geometric shapes for design. For example, you can make circles to design faces or rectangles for houses. These basic shapes are the base of our drawings. Moreover, breaking the object is the least needed step in making it. Capture the image of a bird. Now, break the bird into pieces. Firstly, the face should be designed in a circle, and the body should be an oval. 

3. Start with easy objects 

Easy objects include fruits, vegetables, geometrics, animals, and more. To make a fruit, outline the right shape of the object. For an apple, draw a circle and slowly start the design. Similarly, for the chair, design the rectangular and square parts first and design.

4. Learning the techniques

After designing the object, shade it accordingly. Use different shade pencils to analyse the object and shading requirement. It is optional to follow the tutorial; try your perspective. Check different angles to shade and search for the shadow. 

Some easy drawing tutorials for Objects

Now that we have learned the process, it is time to implement it. For the tutorial, collect all your basic tools, and let’s see the process:

Drawing tutorial of bird

  • Draw a large circle to design the body. 
  • To make the bird’s head, add a small circle overlapping the neck of the bird. 
  • Draw a triangle to make the beak/ mouth of the bird. 
  • Then, draw two curved lines connecting the sides of the body for wings. 
  • Add a curved line for the tail at the bottom of the body. 
  • Design it well as your outlining is done. 
  • Shade if you want to make or use colours to make it look eye-capturing.

Drawing tutorial of banana

  • Draw a crescent moon design for the body of a banana.
  • For the design of the stem, add a curved line. 
  • To give the moon the design of a banana, curve it.
  • Add linings in between to give it a texture of skin.
  • If you want to design the shade, use a pencil, and to colour, use your own colour.

Drawing tutorial of a table

  • Draw a rectangle for the design of the tabletop. 
  • To make the legs, draw four equal-length lines extending down from each rectangle corner. 
  • Connect the legs’ bottom with short lines to create a square base.
  • Add curves on the table’s sides and lines between the tabletop for the details. 
  • Use colours if you want, or shade them with different shades. 

Easy:7nbbaotekl8= drawings Tips to Improve Drawing 

Once you learn the drawing basics, use shapes, etc., It is time to provide the finishing. To improve your drawing, follow the tips below:

  • Explore different mediums, such as pencils, charcoal, pastels, ink, and watercolour. This will make the drawing more realistic and eye-catching.
  • Explore new techniques such as hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling. These help add texture and depth to the drawing.
  • Mistakes are important for a good drawing. Some artists become impatient and tear their pages apart, which is not good. Be patient, and use a pencil lightly so that your drawing will not spoil after you use an eraser. Take a break while drawing.


Easy:7nbbaotekl8= Drawings is a platform that provides an easy way to draw. It involves using shapes such as circles, rectangles, ovals, and more. It also provides lessons on being a good artist and tutorials on making objects. This platform is beneficial for beginners. You can learn the tips and strategies to become a good artist. Following these tips, one can improve their Drawing. 

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