Unlock Peroxide Codes May 2024: Redeem Like a Pro

Peroxide is a Roblox game inspired by Tite Kubo’s “Bleach” series. It offers players an outstanding combat experience. One key feature that sets it apart is the ability to redeem Peroxide codes for product essences. 

Product essences can be a game-changer. It allows you to exchange them for rerolls or cosmetic items. Players can also unlock powerful abilities like Shikai and Revival. It helps to enhance your gameplay in many ways.

There are many working codes for Peroxide that new players can use. It’s important to know how you can redeem these to get its benefits.

What are Peroxide Codes?

Peroxide is an interactive Roblox game inspired by the famous anime series Bleach. This action role-playing game has a big world to explore. It has a combat system that lets players recreate the fights they have seen in the anime.

Players can lead the game like Ichigo Kurosaki of the Bleach series and be a Soul Reaper. They can also turn to the dark side and play as a Hollow. A Hollow is a monstrous lost soul that can harm humans and ghosts.

Product essences help players customise their characters. They are in-game currencies used to reroll cosmetics and classes. Players need to farm to use them.

However, you can redeem Peroxide codes to save your precious time. It helps provide players with many Product Essences they can use in the game. By using these codes, players can complete levels much faster. They can also discover many powerful abilities that can be helpful in the game.

Complete List of Peroxide Codes

Here is the full list of Roblox Peroxide codes. We have included both working and expired codes so you can better understand them.

Working Peroxide Codes

  • GokuDayCodeSuper2: Use for 15 Product Essence (New)
  • SkibiShutdown: Use for 30 Product Essence (New)
  • Sorry4thebugs: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • 310KLikesHappyWeekend: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • 220MVisitsArrancarTerrorism: Use for 30 Product Essence
  • 230MVisitsCodeCritters: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • AlvinAndTheChipmunks: Use for 30 Product Essence
  • EclipseDontBurnUrEyes: Use for 15 Product Essence
  • FusionHoldingUsHostageUpdateIsComing: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • 300kLikesSorryLate: Use for 35 Product Essence
  • TwoTrillionAprilPECode: Use for 2 trillion Product Essence
  • ShutdownToFixNPCsAgain: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • 210MVisitsAwesome: Use for 30 Product Essence
  • Shutdowntofixnpcs: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • UnluckyBruhxide: Use for 50 Product Essence 
  • 200MVisitsAwesome: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • 290kLikesLOOLOLOL: Use for 30 Product Essence 
  • ValentinesDayButNoValentines: Use for 45 Product Essence
  • 15kSubsSoEpic: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • FusionStopGamblingWorkOnTheGame: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • FusionForgotHowToShutdown: Use for Product Essence
  • ThanksForPingingAhmed: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • 190mVisitsThanks: Use for 30 Product Essence
  • 280kLikesThankYouForYourSupport: Use for 25 Product Essence
  • CodeCrittersVsBugFixersPart2: Use for 15 Product Essence
  • 180mVistsTrollDelay: Use for 20 Product Essence
  • CodeCrittersVsBugFixers: Use for 15 Product Essence
  • HappyNewYearJoMamaJoeBiden12121: Use for 20 Product Essence
  • StopListeningToTrialMods: Use for 15 Product Essence
  • Chungsmas: Use for 30 Product Essence
  • 270kLikesOhHowJolly: Use for 15 Product Essence
  • FBBossIncident: Use for 15 Product Essence
  • 170mVisitsGuys: Use for 15 Product Essence
  • FBUpdate: Use for 1 Slot and 15 Product Essence

Expired Peroxide Codes

  • WatchBOk
  • 210kLikesJoeMama
  • 40kLikesRobloxAPICantHandle60k
  • SpudBugsUnite
  • ThanksGivingButAmerican
  • 50MVisits!?!?!Wow!!
  • 150kLikesJoeYipee1231123!!
  • RELEASE!!!!
  • TheApproachingStorm
  • 160kLikes99IsoP
  • 20MVisits!
  • 70mvisitsweirdgec
  • HairRatsMatter155!
  • Peroxide5kSubs
  • 80MVisitsTyrone
  • 120kLikesHolyMoly
  • 30kLikesThanksForSupportingUs
  • ImpostorvsCrewmate
  • 60MVisits
  • 110mVisitsWTH
  • 200kLikesCritters
  • DevCelebrationRolandtime
  • 230kLikesHolySpeedrun
  • 50kLikesWowThatWasFast
  • WatchLamaYT
  • 140mVisitsJoeBiden
  • Sussyamogusimposter
  • CorgiDubs
  • 100kLikesYouAllAreEatingGood
  • GankingSpudsHouse
  • RobloxOutageNumber2Trillion
  • ThxForFollowingTyDev10!
  • FusionIsAWungus
  • BaskingSharkDay
  • 170KLikesCodeGoblins
  • WAVE2!!!!!!!!!!
  • 260kLikesWhatTheJoe
  • WatchAdrianYT
  • GrilledCheeseFluffy
  • EmergencyShutdownCodeForBrokenServers
  • 120MVisitsTheVoices
  • 110mVisitsAwesome
  • 180kLikesUpdateSoon
  • YTFat
  • 90MVisitswowzers
  • WungusVsRoblox—
  • 40MVisits!!!
  • 190KLikesWOW
  • AmogusGrimaceShake
  • 150mVisitsThanksForContinuedSupport
  • DataOopsieDaisy1
  • WatchingLagotholis
  • 110kLikesYouLittleCritters
  • 130kLikesInfiniteCodes
  • 60MVisits!??!?!!?
  • ApeirophobiaChapter2
  • Grimdub10k
  • CodeGoblins
  • FungusAmongus10K
  • 250kLikesWungusApproves
  • 10MVisits!
  • 80kLikesSorryForACStrikes
  • OOPS
  • 140kLikesNewContentSoon
  • HalloweenOmg2
  • Only10PeWHAAAAT
  • GrimaceAmongus
  • TheNightOfTheWungus
  • Peroxide10kSubs
  • ThxForSurvey
  • UpdateThisWeekend
  • 200kFavs
  • 130MVisitsHolyMoly
  • 30MVisits!
  • 60kLikesHiGuys
  • VerminUpdate
  • DataOopsieDaisy2
  • 240kLikesChill

How to Redeem Code in Peroxide?

Follow the complete instructions below to redeem codes for Peroxide.

  1. Start Peroxide in Roblox.
  2. Complete watching the tutorial to open the settings menu.
  3. In the top left corner, you will find the settings icon.
  4. Open the settings tab.
  5. Into the “Code Here” field, enter a working code.
  6. Press enter to get your rewards.

Tips & Tricks of Peroxide Game

Here are some tips and tricks to efficiently play this Roblox Peroxide game.

  1. Resurrection Unlocking:
  • The resurrection unlocks automatically at level number 15.
  1. Shikai Unlocking:
  • You must reach level 15 as a Soul Reaper by completing many levels.
  • Visit Wake Up Mundo to defeat more Hollows. It will cost you 200 in-game currency.
  • You can boost your stats by going to the gym near Kisuke. You can also use agility boards.
  • Meditate after reaching level 15 to unlock the Shikai.
  • You have to achieve a B rank to use Shikai without any limit.
  1. Optimize Stats Builds:
  • It’s important to focus on combat stats, not support stats.
  • Players must select stats based on their preferred playstyle.
  1. Use Crystals:
  • You have to gather time relics to buy crystals. It will help to improve powers.
  • Crystals can help you with extra effects on attacks. It can set your enemies on fire.


Peroxide codes can be redeemed to get product essences. These codes are important for players. They can help players complete the levels faster. The game also has many features to help players progress. Redeeming these codes to enhance your gameplay is simple. Just remember some tips and tricks to play this game better.

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