Remaker AI: Revolutionizing Creativity and Innovation in 2024

What is is a generative AI that can help you do wonders with your photos and videos. Imagine yourself in your favourite superhero suit by just swapping the face on Just a few taps, and the magic is done.

AI Tools by offers a range of AI tools to explore and experiment with your creativity. Let’s look at each of them:

Face Swap

Remaker AI face swap is one of the most popular face swap apps. With this face changer tool, you can sway heads and faces in static photos.

Multiple Face Swap

Another amazing tool of this software is multiple swap faces. Imagine looking at a group photo and thinking of recreating it. But assembling all of your friends or family at the same place, same time is quite impossible. Worry not! With this tool, you just need to upload the photos of each individual and you get life-like real group photos.

Video Face Swap

This is not just limited to static photos and images but you swap faces in videos too. This tool can enhance filmmaking. And you can even create great video content for your social media using your own face in someone else’s video.

Batch Face Swap

This tool is all about efficiency. In case you have multiple pictures and you want to swap your face in all of them. You can do it in one go. This batch face swap tool allows the editors to swap many pictures with one target face in just a few clicks.

AI Portrait

AI Portrait tool is one of the most common features offered by most of the generative AI available on the internet. But most of them do not offer high-quality portraits. However, the AI Portrait tool of offers high-quality portraits that are accurate and relevant to your description.

AI Image Upscaler

AI Image Upscaler also allows you to turn your low-quality images into high-quality images. You can upscale Image resolution and improve image details.

AI talking photo

Now you can turn your still photos into talking videos. Just record your script and create great content for social media, ads, and much more.

Video Background Remover

Image background remover is available on every other video editor tool. However, when it comes to video background remover, it is difficult to find. can help you remove background from videos effortlessly using advanced AI technology.

AI Voice Clone

Last yet the most useful one is the AI voice clone tool. Just upload your voice samples, and you can create a realistic clone. All in just a few seconds

What can you do with

A few months back, people were taken aback by the incidents of misuse of AI video editing. One such thing was deepfake videos of celebrities and influential personalities like the prime minister. This has shown the negative side of the AI revolution. After that, millions of people searched “How to make a deep fake” on Google, and the answer was But this technology is created for good. It can immensely help in creating easy content that is engaging and unique. You can also use it to give a personal touch to your content.

How to use

Using is very easy and requires simple steps.

  • Login or Sign up
  • Select the tool you want to use from the header bar option “AI Tools”
  • Upload the original image/video along with the target face.
  • Click on Swap
  • Wait and hold on for a few seconds, and you will get your desired image.

Cost and Plans offered by

The plans of are based on a credit system.

  • 150 Credits- $2.99
  • 530 Credits – $9.99
  • 1100 Credits- $19.99
  • 3000 Credits- $49.99
  • 20000 Credits- $299

You can choose the basic plan of 150 credits that costs just $2.99 and experiment to find out how useful this tool is for you.

Final Line:

Artificial Intelligence is a two-faced sword. If it can offer efficiency, scalability, and creativity in a few clicks. It can also have disastrous effects. The value depends on the way we use it. is a face swap online tool that is just magical with its outstanding results in the field of video and image editing. Try it and make mindblowing images, portraits, and videos by face swapping.

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